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8 Feet Hrd Wood Earmaked

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Auto trimming function of residual tail plate

Use cylinder to hit wood core

Alloy lead screw and tin bronze nut

Taiwan HIWIN liner Motion Products Techno logy

Easy knife function convenient disassembly

The surface fucntion is smooth on both sides

Ultra thin rotary cutting thinnest 0.2mm

Most thick cirumfex 4mm

Self sheared function and whole tail plate

Length:19700mm 2540mm 2600mm

Maxi Peeling log diameter:max 500mm min 30mm

Peeling Thickness Range:Min 0.2mm Max 4.0mm

Peeling Output Speed:Constant Speed 45m-120m

Roll Power:Double Roller Motor 7.5KW*2 Sing了Roller Motor 7.5KW*2 Feed Motor 11KW Shear Motor 4KW Cot Motor 4KW

Reducer Model: R87 Helical Gear Reducer

Size:5600mm 1700mm 1600mm


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